How to Start a Blog | Step by Step

Step by Step guide to set up your Blog | Begginers Guide

You have always dreamed about how to start a blog?? Well, now is very easy with these simple steps. 

  • Choose the topic you want to write about, pick a subject you can talk about all day and every day, this way it will be all fun and no tasks. You can talk about art, family photography, cooking, it can be anything, so pick your passion and transform it in a profitable blog.


  •  Pick the name of your blog. Look for a name that defines you for what you like or a name that is broad and allows you to talk about various topics if that is what you prefer. Remember that the name should sound sticky, it should be easy to remember and not too long. And as every blog has to be accompanied by social networks, take your time to make sure that the same name you chose for your blog is available for all your social networks so it would be easier for your audience to find you.


  • Now you are ready to search for a Host and register your Domain. This means that you will have your website hosted on a server that anyone in the world can access and you will have your own web address. Having your own domain gives you a professional look and allows you to monetize your blog with ads. In my experience QHOSTER is the perfect way to start, it is super cheap: for only $ 2.54 / month (available only through our special link) and if you get the 12-month plan they give you free domain registration for a year.
This post contains Affiliate Links, but are links to things that I personally use and love.

Step by Step guide to set up your Blog | Begginers Guide




  • Enter QHOSTER and choose the option of CPANEL WEB HOSTING. There you will find the plans that they offer, as you are starting you can take the option MINI that is only 1 domain and hosting for a full year, I think isperfectto begin with.



  • Choose the name for your blog (if the domain you want is already taken then they offer you the similar ones that are available). You must be completely sure of the name you have chosen, this cannot be changed later.


  • Fill out all the account and payment details with your information, they have many payment options so choose the one that is most convenient for you.
  • Once completed the registration you will have access to “CPANEL” is where your web will be hosted. Keep your username and password secured as they are absolutely necessary to enter the CPANEL and to be able to feed your web.
  • Within the CPANEL you will go to the bottom where SOFTACULOUS APP INSTALLER is, and you are going to install WORDPRESS with the domain that you have just registered. (WHERE YOU ASK DIR, leave itblanc)



  • Once installed WORDPRESS in the CPANEL follow the process of creating a theme the design/colors of your own web.


There are thousands of options for themes. I started with a free theme (SuperNews) but if I could start over I would have invested in the EXTRA theme of (Elegant Themes) from the beginning because it has a lot of plug-ins that make webs super beautiful and multi-functionals and with more media management).

Once you have selected the theme you just have to start filling it with your passion. The WordPress environment is very intuitive so you just have to make a few clicks to fill the spaces and create your beautiful web.

Once you have your website up, work on your posts, write great content with beautiful images, and don’t forget to set the links to your social networks. Then you can start monetization your blog by adding third party advertising like AdSense. You can also start doing Affiliate Marketing with Amazon which is also free to start and very easy to implement.

Blogging is a beautiful business with a minimum cost to start, but keep in mind that your success will depend on how much time, dedication and resources you invest in it.

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